A Prominent Supplier of Animal and Human Gamma Globulin

Gamma globulins, Ig’s for short, are a class of proteins found in the blood of humans and animals. The gamma identification refers to a specific range of positions after serum protein electrophoresis. Human antibodies that protect against viral and bacterial infectious diseases are an example of gamma globulins, although not all gamma globulins are antibodies.

Here at Pel-Freez Biologicals, we supply both human and animal gamma globulins, including goat gamma globulins, for research purposes. All of our products are designed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading universities, and undergo extensive laboratory tests to ensure that they can be safely used. Get in touch with us to learn more.

A Leading Supplier of Antibody/IgG Depleted Human Complement

Pel-Freez Biologicals is one of the United States’ leading suppliers of IgG/IgM/antibody depleted human complement for the preparation of serum bactericidal assays used in assessing and evaluating vaccines by some of the world’s most prominent vaccine manufacturing companies. Human complement-mediated serum bactericidal assays are used for assessing the immune system’s response to various vaccinations.

Here are Pel-Freez Biologicals, we ensure consistent processing, large-scale manufacturing, and a comprehensive quality control for reliable results. For more information on our products and their applications, get in touch with our representatives today.

Supplying IGM Depleted Human Serum, IGG Depleted Plasma, and Negative Matrix Serum

Defined as the liquid component found in blood, serum is comprised of electrolytes, immunoglobulin, and proteins. The product is typically used for selectively removing contaminant antibodies that are immobilized on a solid matrix. Human serum can also be utilized in anti-PA (anti-protective antigen) IgG measurements which use PA-coupled microspheres.

IgM/IgG/IgA depleted human serum can also serve as a control serum in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, immunoelectrophoresis, and immunodiffusion. Moreover, it can also be used as:

  • Micro neutralization assay
  • SRH (single-radial hemolysis) repeatability assay
  • Control sera for assessing neuraminidase inhibition

Get in touch with us to learn more about the applications our human serum products can be used for.

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31116 -5500 mL$121.00
31117 -5500 mL$215.00 Data Sheet
31118 -1100 mL$102.00 Data Sheet
31118 -33 L$820.00 Data Sheet
31118 -5500 mL$175.00 Data Sheet
31119 -1100 mL$83.00 Data Sheet
31119 -33 L$737.00 Data Sheet
31119 -5500 mL$145.00 Data Sheet
31125 -1100 mL$115.00 Data Sheet
31125 -5500 mL$196.00 Data Sheet
31126 -1100 mL$102.00 Data Sheet
31126 -5500 mL$152.00 Data Sheet
31127 -5500 mL$225.00 Data Sheet
31128 -5500 mL$175.00 Data Sheet
32117 -5500 mL$206.00 Data Sheet
32118 -5500 mL$78.00 Data Sheet
32128 -5500 mL$131.00 Data Sheet
32130 -5500 mL$114.00 Data Sheet
33119 -33 L$303.00
33119 -5500 mL$61.00
33126 -1100 mL$64.00 Data Sheet
33126 -33 L$336.00 Data Sheet
33126 -5500 mL$70.00 Data Sheet
37217 -5500 mL$130.00 Data Sheet
37218 -5500 mL$78.00 Data Sheet
37219 -5500 mL$69.00
37225 -1100 mL$61.00 Data Sheet
37225 -5500 mL$88.00 Data Sheet
37226 -5500 mL$61.00
39317 -5500 mL$69.00
39321 -1100 mL$72.00 Data Sheet
39321 -2500 mL$94.00 Data Sheet
39321 -33 L$355.00 Data Sheet
39324 -5500 mL$63.00 Data Sheet
39328 -33 L$393.00 Data Sheet
39519 -33 L$284.00 Data Sheet
39519 -5500 mL$83.00 Data Sheet
39526 -1100 mL$78.00 Data Sheet
39526 -5500 mL$94.00 Data Sheet
39527 -5500 mL$114.00 Data Sheet

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